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Why Smart Contract Audit is Important.

The use of smart contracts is becoming increasingly popular, however this can bring with it a host of security risks. As seen in the past, smart contract vulnerabilities have been responsible for the loss of millions of dollars. To protect your assets and yourself from such risks, it is highly recommended to conduct a thorough audit of your smart contracts. Doing so will ensure that your contracts are secure, and ready to be used for their intended purpose.

Neglecting to audit smart contracts can lead to security vulnerabilities that can result in loss of funds, harm to a company’s reputation, and potential legal consequences.


Total incidents of hacks in 2022

$4 Billion+

Total amount lost to DeFi hacks in 2022

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Audit Process.

1. Preliminary Review

1. Preliminary Review

We conduct a preliminary analysis of the smart contract code and understand the scope of the audit

2. Automated Analysis

2. Automated Analysis

Automated tools and vulnerability detectors are utilized to identify vulnerabilities in the code

3. Manual Analysis

3. Manual Analysis

Our experts conduct a thorough line-by-line manual review of the code to uncover any hidden issues that automated analysis may miss

4. Comprehensive Report

4. Comprehensive Report

We provide a detailed report outlining all findings and recommendations for improving the security of the contract

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Why Scrutify is the Premier Audit Platform

At Scrutify, we understand the importance of ensuring the security and functionality of smart contracts. Our team of experienced auditors and developers utilize the latest tools and techniques to thoroughly analyze your smart contracts and identify any potential vulnerabilities.

Our platform offers a user-friendly interface, allowing you to easily submit your smart contracts for auditing and track the progress of the audit in real-time. With our detailed reports and recommendations, you can rest assured that your smart contract is secure and optimized for performance.

Dr. Josh Lange, EdD

Dr. Josh Lange, EdD

Founder of Get-Smart.net
I’m glad we partnered with Scrutify powered by Novvr

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Our pricing is based on the complexity and size of your smart contract, as well as the level of detail and analysis required. We offer three different pricing tiers to suit your needs and budget.



At $499.00

Ideal for: Small projects with basic security needs.

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At $899.00

Ideal for: Medium-sized projects with complex security needs.

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At $1699.00

Ideal for: Large and complex projects with high-security requirements.

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Client's Feedback

Dr. Josh Lange, EdD

Dr. Josh Lange, EdD

Founder of Get-Smart.net

Scrutify team is a great example of customer support and excellence in Web3 security. We hired them to audit get-smart badge contract built on ethereum blockchain

Raghav (aka Cryptanosaurus)

Raghav (aka Cryptanosaurus)

Founder of NovaDao

If you want your smart contract audit done for a fair price and with maximum assessment done then I recommend Scrutify. They are amazingly good in Web3 security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An Audit is a security focused review of code, it is used to discover bugs, vulnerabilities and potential of future failures. But the key thing to remember is that an audit is not a guarantee of complete safety of the smart contract; instead, it is a best effort approach to find bugs and security issues.

If you’re building dApp in Web3 and developing smart contract then it is important to ensure that your smart contract doesn’t have any known vulnerabilities, use best practices, optimized for the gas usage otherwise it may cause you forever loss of funds.

Actual cost depends upon the several factors such as smart contract type, lines of code, level of complexity, vulnerability scan, etc. However, Scrutify does provide a basic audit for free. Check pricing page for more details.

In most of the cases we generate report in 3 business days. But that may also take take a week or two depending upon the complexity of the project.

First we collect all the requirements. Second, our team of security experts review the smart contract code and identify vulnerabilities if any. Third, we start preparing the smart contract audit report. Fourth, we do the social media  announcement and PR.

Yes, our development team can help fix the identified vulnerabilities but that is a paid service. An additional bill will be raised to fix the vulnerabilities.

With innovation, comes the risk of attacks, and web3 is no exception. Approaching Web3 security can surely be a challenging task, but taking the right steps can make it a lot better. Visit Web3 Security to learn more.

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